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The Mascot Medical website accommodates online bookings. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or in person at the practice.

If you or a family member requires an interpreter service we can organise this for you. Please make us aware when booking your appointment. For further information please see Interpreter Service section below.

After Hours services are provided by Sydney Medical Service and are mostly bulk billed consultations.Contact phone for the after-hours service is (02) 8724 6300.


All healthcare services provided by this practice are covered, in part, by Medicare.

We ask for full payment of your account on the day of your consultation, you are then able to claim the Medicare rebate direct from Medicare.

All consultations with children under 16 or if you hold a Pension concession card/Health care card from Centrelink are bulk billed (on weekdays). EFTPOS facilities are available.

At the end of the first/initial consultation for a WorkCover consultation, the account is paid in full. Subsequent visits are billed to the insurance agent with the claim number provided by the patient/employer.

Missed Appointments:

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us immediately. We require 2 hours notice for cancellations or a fee may apply.


Amendments to the Privacy Act came into effect in December 2001. As a provider of healthcare services it is important that you are aware of how personal information collected by this practice is used. The personal information collected is that deemed necessary to best attend to, and treat the presenting health condition(s). By signing our patient form, you consent to us using your information to send you appointment reminders, periodic reminders, screenings and follow-up appointment reminders.  Personal information is primarily used internally within the practice, but sometimes it is used to ensure quality and continuity of health care for you and must be partially or fully disclosed to others outside the organisation, depending on the circumstances. e.g.: when referring to a specialist medical practitioner or when requesting blood tests, urine tests, X-rays etc; and when itemising accounts for Medicare.

Recall and Reminder System:

Mascot Medical uses a “Recall and Reminder” system to provide preventive care for our patients, to follow up abnormal or significant test results, to manage patients with chronic disease, and to ensure important health checks are not forgotten and performed.

We will use information from your health record to tell us when appropriate check-ups or tests are due. Our Doctors follow the guidelines for preventive care as outlined in the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ Guidelines for preventive activities in general practice. The guidelines are in line with the recommendations of organisations such as the National Health and Medical Research Council and the National Heart Foundation.

You will be notified by one of our practitioners or nurse if any results require discussion and/or an appointment.

Communication Policy:

Telephone calls from patients will not generally be put through to doctors. Our reception staff are happy to take messages or assist you with any general questions regarding you healthcare.  If you have a medical question after seeing one of our doctors, you can speak with the nurse and she will discuss your concerns with the doctor.  Alternatively, you can email your doctor and you will receive a timely response by the practitioner.  Email addresses are provided by our reception staff and are located on each doctor’s business card. If you have an urgent medical problem then our reception staff or nurse will try to organise an urgent appointment with one of our doctors after assessing if your care requires a doctors attention or an emergency service.

If you have any concerns about the care from your doctor, please immediately discuss this with your doctor so that your concerns can be managed.  Should you have ongoing concerns, then we are happy to offer you a second opinion from another doctor at the practice.  We are always trying to improve our service, and are happy to address any written complaints from our patients.

Freedom of Information:

All patient files that include personal information, test results etc. are the property of this practice. However, should you choose to visit another Doctor at any time, copies of the appropriate file(s) can be forwarded on receipt of your written request. Under no circumstance will this practice provide or divulge personal information without your prior written consent. Please note that a small administration fee may be associated with this service.

Please read and sign your acknowledgement on your patient form which confirms that you have read and understood all information provided regarding fees, privacy and freedom of information. I am aware that at the conclusion of all consultations there will be a request for full payment of the account. I am also aware that should a debt collection agency be employed to recover any unpaid accounts in relation to consultations that additional collection fees will apply.

Patient Feedback:

At Mascot Medical, we take your feedback and concerns seriously. Our Practice Manager or Principal Practitioner will sensitively handle your feedback in the first instance. Our website has a forum for feedback and complaints. Otherwise, email sent to is also available for written correspondence. Also note, that the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission is an available resource for you at